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Minette Yoga  MAWAR  WAKATOON  SNCF  Dacia  Tours University  Draeger Group  |  Monoprix  

I first graduated in 2013 at Brassart, Tours’ school for arts and graphic design. I then had several years of experience in Paris during which I had the opportunity to develop and mature my graphic style. Self educated, I am looking to place the drawing at the heart of the various projects I work on.

My graphical universe is poetic, colorful and sometimes psychedelic. Drawing my inspiration from childhood memories and dreams, the topics I cover can be naïve and sweet, as realistic, addressing deeper and personal themes.

My styles and graphic tools are varied: traditional drawing, vector illustration and digital painting, use of photos ... 

Copyrights :

This website presents achievements and creations representative of my work. They are protected by copyright (article L122-4 of the Code of Intellectual Property). Any use, even partial, without the prior written permission of A R T I F U S is prohibited.

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